Woody Harrelson Steps In to Rescue Bride From Elaborate Wedding Hairstyle

Abride has captured viral interest after sharing how Woody Harrelson and different wedding guests needed to come to her useful resource

after her wedding ceremony day because of an problematic hairstyle Singer Tiarlie, whose actual call is Charlotte Murdoch Freud

shared the video Saturday that has due to the fact that been considered greater than 1 million times In the video, newlywed Tiarlie 

advise Wear your hair loose and loose in your wedding ceremony day or you may remorse it In the 38-second clip, she shared how she spent 

the night after marrying her new husband DJ Lukey Storey with the help of visitors, together with actor Woody 

Harrelson, as they helped Tiarlie put off the standout fashion Tiarlie advised Newsweek: "I opted for a half up, half down, space-bun do.

There have been such a lot of extensions pinned in that to stable them, the stylist bent the pins in 1/2 with pliers to stop them coming out.

But in hundreds of remarks, TikTok customers had been a bit preoccupied with the helpers within the video in preference to

the coiffure advice, with viewers fast noticing actor and own family buddy Woody Harrelson at the right of the frame supporting with the hair