Why Joaquin Phoenix's Next Movie Can Be Even Better Than Joker

Joaquin Phoenix's performing could not save Joker from its horrific tackle mental contamination, however his next film can allow 

him shine without outshining the film. Joaquin Phoenix’s tour de pressure performance as Gotham’s Clown Prince 

of Crime made Joker an immediately conventional, however his subsequent film, Disappointment Blvd., may be even higher. 

Throughout his career, Phoenix has been tapped to play characters with intellectual contamination. From 

Freddie Quell in The Master to a fictionalized model of himself in I’m Still Here, his vulnerability, quiet depth, and personal struggles 

— he has unfolded about his own crippling tension — have allowed him to play these roles with surprising authenticity and suitable sensitivity

Joker positioned him to a greater difficult test: gambling a neurodivergent person in a comic e-book film. Phoenix failed to simply 

take a look at; he turned in one of the most seriously acclaimed performances of the last decade, proving comedian e-book 

movies  can be so much more in the procedure. His Joker, real name Arthur Fleck, is both sympathetic and loathsome