Jena Malone on Coming Out as Pansexual and Why Her New Film Marks Her “Best Performance to Date”

The veteran actress opens up at the creative shift faraway from hiding behind wigs, accents "and all varieties of craziness," embracing

sexual fluidity and remaining tight-lipped approximately Zack Snyder and 'Rebel Moon.' After debuting in a Michael Jackson song 

video, the Nevada native starred in directorial debuts for Anjelica Huston and Goldie Hawn, shared the screen with Jeff Bridges and Frances 

McDormand, played a younger Jodie Foster, got caught between Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, did a duration piece with Glenn Close, 

got bizarre with Jake Gyllenhaal in a cult classic, played a ferry woman for Anthony Minghella, charmed an emo Hayden Christensen, snagged  

an ensemble component in a starry indie with Don Cheadle, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, and tested the convictions of Emile Hirsch and Kieran 

Culkin. And she did all of it by means of her 18th birthday Malone has persisted running at a breakneck pace over time, finally graduating

to franchise fare (The Hunger Games, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) while by no means straying a long way from her indie roots

(The Neon Demon, Lorelei). Now 37, Malone has made a fairly bold assertion approximately her newest film — Adopting Audrey from