Grey hair: Fine for George Clooney but not Lisa LaFlamme?

Though ageism affects all older adults, women are problem to the finest discrimination. The standards for attractiveness

in our consumerist culture are defined by means of younger characteristics and are constantly portrayed via the media

Though ageism impacts all older adults, women are situation to the finest discrimination. The standards for beauty in our consumerist

lifestyle are defined by using younger traits and are continuously portrayed via the media Hillary Clinton as soon as stated: “Pay interest in 

your hair, because all of us else will.” It’s been  weeks for the reason that surprising information that longtime CTV News 

anchor Lisa LaFlamme become disregarded after 35 years with the community. It’s nonetheless now not clean why she turned 

into allow pass But within the aftermath of LaFlamme’s departure, there were allegations LaFlamme’s selection to permit her hair to go 

gray became puzzled by using executives LaFlamme’s termination, and the allegations that newsroom executives made comments about

her hair, have angered many More than 70 outstanding Canadian reporters, activists, politicians and artists have signed an open