From Bob Dylan to The Beatles: The complete playlist of songs featured in Stephen King's book

Stephen King is many things – the world’s most popular horror fiction writer, a knowledgable cinephile and a music aficionado.

In fact, most Stephen King fans can get a sense of the acclaimed writer’s taste in music just by reading his novels because many

of his personal favourites are mentioned throughout his oeuvre Most people know King for his unforgettable creations within the 

horror domain, especially due to the popularity of novels like The Shining and Carrie, among others. However, King has written on 

various subjects outside the genre – ranging from political commentary to critiques of popular culture He has been closely 

associated with the music world due to his habit of mentioning iconic songs in his novels. In addition to these passive links, King 

has interacted with many music icons throughout his life. He also interviewed AC/DC in 1986 while working on his directorial debut, 

Maximum Overdrive While writing for multiple prestigious publications, King published many year-end lists that featured his current

preferences and favourite classics. These championed the works of a diverse range of artists, from Sam Cooke to James McMurtry,