Dillon Carmichael’s Cover Of “Turn The Page” Would Make Bob Seger Himself Proud

Damn near fifty years in the past, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, Bob Seger, blessed us with a traditional in his 

single, “Turn the Page.” Released in 1973, it was protected on his Back In ’seventy two album, after which finally 

released as a single in his live album, ‘Live’ Bullet One of my maximum shiny reminiscences of younger

childhood includes an photo of my dad making a song along to this Seger tune from the speakers of his old Chevrolet choose-up 

truck, and I actually have held a love for the music ever on account that As it seems, Dillon Carmichael holds

a very comparable attachment to “Turn the Page Back in 2018, Dillon shared at his 98.7 THE BULL consultation

that the tune is one he plays every unmarried time he is on level “Every time I’ve stepped on a level I’ve sang this music

and I imply every time He went on to proportion a story of a near family pal, ‘Uncle Russ,’ and how he used to sing the Seger tune all the

time whilst Dillon was growing up “I desired to be just like him, and man he may want to sing this song like no person’s

business Years later as Dillon started out to do a little making a song and gambling himself, he would often turn to this 

precise song, however continually dip out before the very last refrain wherein Seger passionately screams the final phrases in a 

better key. “Uncle Russ used to do it so properly, however I was scared to demise of it After many tries at the track even

as continuing to pass over the “horrifying ending,” Dillon’s mom intervened. She informed him “cease being a toddler and

sing the quit of that track And it appears the pep-speak worked, due to the fact Dillon Carmichael’s rendition is set as near of a tribute as you may get