Bruce Willis’s Daughter Rumer Willis Does Topless Photoshoot For 34th Birthday – Demi Moore Is So Proud

While Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are out of the limelight for quite some time now, their eldest daughter, Rumer Willis does a ‘fishy’

topless photoshoot and brought the attention back to the pair once again The House magazine asked the 34-year-old Rumer to pose 

for the cover of their September edition. The attractive ‘celebrity’ child will rock the magazine with some photos featuring her wearing

a woven bikini for starters. Then photos with her wearing a floral theme dress, and lastly photos of her wearing only panties

Bruce Willis’s Daughter Does A Topless Photoshoot For Her Birthday Rumer posted some of the photos on social media and 

they started reaching many users. As they went viral, her mother Demi Moore is fast to react and leave a loving 

birthday message on one of her photos. My sweet Rumer. Happy Birthday my angel!” – Demi Moore wrote.

“As you have blossomed into this elegant, beautiful, feminine, intelligent soulful, creative, talented woman, know you will  

always be my little girl. I love you and wish you the best new yearThis comment on her Instagram profile comes after the relationship