Mark Wahlberg teases daughter for picking ‘most expensive’ extracurricular

Mark Wahlberg teases daughter for picking ‘most expensive’ extracurricular

“She’s already journeying the sector, leaping horses and doing her element.”

Actor Mark Wahlberg isn’t exactly “pleased” by means of his youngest daughter’s favored extracurricular activity.

While appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Wahlberg teased his daughter for her taking over “the most luxurious recreation possible — horseback using.

Mark Wahlberg teases daughter for picking ‘most expensive’ extracurricular

“She’s already visiting the arena, jumping horses and doing her aspect,” the actor instructed Jimmy Fallon of his 12-year-old daughter, Grace Margaret.

“Did you strive to talk her out of it?” Fallon requested.

“No, she loves it,” he responded. “And she takes so much satisfaction within the little stuff — she’s on the barn each day, shoveling poop. She’s up earlier than me. She’s were given my paintings ethic.”

Fallon then held up a photograph of the 12-yr-old taking part in an equestrian competition.

“Do you observe she’s searching at the photographer? She’s not looking at in which she’s imagined to be jumping,” Wahlberg joked, pointing to his daughter’s face in the photographer. “She actually knows wherein the photographer (is).”

Grace Margaret isn’t always the most effective member of the Wahlberg own family to absorb an expensive extracurricular pastime. Wahlberg’s sons, Brendan Joseph and Michael, have taken up golfing, the actor shared.

“Now my spouse can’t tell me I cannot move play,” he joked. “I just say, ‘I’m going with the children.’ Boys ride. We just went to England and Ireland and performed and spent time.”

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Mark Wahlberg teases daughter for picking ‘most expensive’ extracurricular

Wahlberg then preemptively confident Fallon that “he failed to deliver them any Guinness,” due to the fact “they’re sixteen and thirteen, nearly 14.”

When requested if his sons are right at golf, Wahlberg said “they are better than me.”

“They commenced young, in order that they have been smart,” he added. “Actually, it began as a punishment — they could handiest play golf, which become exact. And now they are genuinely looking to love it so now they’re continuing to play. Put ’em on lockdown and provide ’em a club.”

Wahlberg can also shaggy dog story approximately forcing his love of golfing on his sons— or trying to discourage his daughter from taking up highly-priced sports activities — but the doting father is not one to push his spiritual ideals on his four kids, with whom he stocks with wife Rhea Durham.

“They assume dad’s crazy, and he’s uninteresting,” Wahlberg advised TODAY’s Hoda Kotb in April. “But in spite of my religion, I don’t pressure it on them. But they understand that dad can’t start the day without being in prayer, can’t begin the day without reading my Scripture or going to Mass.”

Wahlberg introduced that “hopefully,” via now not forcing his faith on his children, they may think “if it works for dad, perhaps it will paintings for us” and gravitate to absorb Catholicism “on their personal.”

In the meantime, the daddy of four might be busy writing assessments for golfing golf equipment and driving boots.