Beckhams vs Peltz: Inside the alleged feud between the families

Beckhams vs Peltz: Inside the alleged feud between the families

Victoria Beckham, Nicola Peltz are ‘just collateral damage’ as the real issue lies between both the families
Beckhams vs Peltz: Inside the alleged feud between the families
Image Credit :    The News

The rumoured fight between Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz is not something between the mother and daughter-in-law but reportedly involves their whole families.

An insider spilled to Page Six that the fashion designer and the billionaire heiress, “are just collateral damage,” and the real issue lies with the families “coming together.”

“It’s pretty obvious there’s an issue between the two families. Everybody needs to find their place. They’re just not quite connecting yet,” the source told the outlet.

According to the another source, David and Victoria Beckham are “quite old fashioned” and want that their eldest son Brooklyn Beckham to “make” his “own way up in the world.”

Whereas, Nicola’s dad Nelson Peltz is offering to back his son-in-law in whatever venture he wants and ready to “fund anything,” as per the first insider.

Beckhams vs Peltz: Inside the alleged feud between the families
Image Credit :    The News


There are speculations in the Palm Beach that the young couple could create their own empire, á la Brooklyn’s parents’ “Brand Beckham,” the outlet shared.

The publication added that the young couple would love to follow in the Beckham’s footsteps and launch their own clothing, beauty and perfume lines.

“There is a very deliberate move orchestrated by Nicola and her mom and funded by Nelson. There is a reason why Brooklyn and Nicola are now ‘Peltz Beckham.’ It’s all about branding,” the source shared.

“I think that Nicola and her mom come up with ideas, Nelson can fund anything and he says yes! But for David and Victoria, it has to have some substance,” the insider added.

“The Beckhams are quite old-fashioned. They believe that everyone should make their own way up in the world,” the second source said. “Although they’ll always give their kids a leg up in terms of support and endorsement.”

“They famously made Brooklyn work in a cafe to teach him about work ethic and to get some values. They were really keen to support his passion for photography, so they helped him get internships; then he got into cooking, and they’ve supported that,” the source noted.

“There are cultural differences between the two families,” the insider claimed.

Another source close to the families said, “Brooklyn has become so, so close to the Peltzes, and to Nicola’s dad, especially. For Victoria, who is extremely close to Brooklyn, that has to be difficult.”

And as for Nicola, she is very attached to her mother and if the insider is to be believed then she is the one who “pulls a lot of the family’s strings.”

“The Peltzes may have thought, [the Beckhams] ‘will be easy.’ The Beckhams are just a pop star and a footballer, but they’ve been doing this for 25 years — they’re very astute,” the outlet shared.

“They can’t be controlled with the Peltz money,” it added.

The alleged fight started at the couple’s wedding when Victoria and David were not seated on the top table as an onlooker told the outlet that the Beckhams “were not at the forefront,” as per Daily Mail.

And since the wedding, fans have noticed that Nicola and Victoria have stopped reacting on each other’s social media activity despite previously showing support for one another on their respective accounts.